With the aim of accompanying researchers from all faculties of Trier University on their way to Open Science (FAIR & Open Data, Open Access), the SeS supports research projects in the development and implementation of digital concepts, the implementation of research infrastructures in the project-specific work process, including the preparation of data management plans. For this purpose, consulting services are already provided during the preparation of third-party funding applications and continue throughout the project implementation. Comprehensive information material on research data management (RDM) is provided and, if necessary, other RDM experts are referred to for specialist advice.

Due to their special expertise in the digitalisation of research in the humanities, projects in these subject areas are supported in the development of method-specific data models and in the preparation of existing data.

In this context, the SeS offers a variety of qualification programmes ranging from individual counselling to hands-on workshops and information events.

  • individual project-accompanying RDM consulting from planning to archiving
  • Creation of data management plans with RDMO
  • RDM-Introduction
  • FuD introduction workshop
  • project-specific FuD workshop
  • FuD expert workshop
  • Workshop on RDM strategy development

Task Area 1: Data Quality

Measure 1-5

The SeS contributes its many years of interdisciplinary and broad FDM and data curation expertise, especially in the areas of processing excisting data, GIS data and digitization of historical base maps, to all measures in Task Area 1.

M3 – Expert Group: Development of a data quality measurement system

Together with the DHd-AG data centres, the SeS will host FORGE2023 in Trier on the topic “Development of data quality criteria” in 2023.

M4 – Expert Group: Development of recommendations and guidelines

The SeS will contribute to the development of the guidelines and recommendations on data quality and will bring its many years of expertise from the support of more than 40 projects in the humanities and social sciences to the measure.

M5 – Competence Network: Development of Data Editorial Framework

The SeS will integrate the concepts of data editorial processes into its consulting services.

Measure 6: Competence Network: Implementation of data quality

The SeS will offer an annual workshop for the implementation or further development of an institutional RDM service landscape at an institution with a historical research focus.

Task Area 2: Data Connectivity

M1 – Historical Norm Data Registry: Identifying, systematizing and evaluating & M2 – Interdisciplinary Norm Data Working Group: Scaled integration historical norm data into authority data

The SeS will integrate the results into its consulting services.

Task Area 4: Data Literacy

M1 – Data Literacy Competence Network for Historical Scholarship

The SeS will provide its FDM competence matrix developed in PODMAN for the further development of the DL competence profile for the historical sciences.

M2 – Multiparty Forum: Digital Historical Propaedeutics and Data Selection

As part of its membership in DINI/nestor AG Forschungsdaten, the SeS will conduct a workshop on “Didactics in the Teaching of Data Competencies” in Trier in 2022.

M3 – Expert Group: Historical Data Criticism and Research Data Management

The results of the expert group will be incorporated into the counselling and training offers of the SeS. It will write text contributions on general research data management for textbooks in the historical sciences.

M4 – Counselling  Services: Digital Methods, Tools, Instruments, and Digital Research Techniques for Historical Research

The SeS is responsible for and coordinates measure 4 of task area 4.

It also offers the above-mentioned workshops regularly to external parties. It will create a webinar for the introduction to FuD. In particular, it will be in charge of developing the concept for the counselling service and will be one of the first centers in the counselling network of 4Memory.

Task Area 5: Data Culture

M5 –  Expert Working Group: Incorporating quality management of research data and data-based publications in the historical discipline through the transformation of (peer) review and evaluation procedures

The SeS will contribute its expertise in the development and optimisation of work processes to Measure 5. In doing so, it will also take over the function of knowledge transfer on the one hand from the work of task area 1: Data Quality and on the other hand for the dissemination of the results through its committee activities in the VHD AG Digital History, the DHd AG Data Centers and the DINI/nestor-AG Research Data.