The research and documentation centre SEAL Strukturen und Erinnerung. Angewandte Geschichtswissenschaft und digitale Lehre / Structures and Memory. Applied History and Digital Teaching) was founded in autumn 2019 at the Faculty III of Trier University. It bundles activities in the subject of history for political education work, both in the areas of basic research and culture of remembrance as well as the development of new mediation approaches. The focus is on the Nazi history of the Greater Region and its post-history, although an extension to other historical subject areas and epochs is not ruled out.

Foundation act autum 2019 (front: Dr. Thomas Grotum, Uwe Bader, Prof. Dr. Michael Jäckel (Universitätspräsident), Lena Haase; nack: Prof. Dr. Matthias Busch, Prof. Dr. Christian Jansen, Prof. Dr. Lutz Raphael; missing: Bernhard Kukatzki.

Task Area 3: Data Services

M3 – Working Group of Service Providers: Creation of a “Data Space” for research data

SEAL will support the Working Group of Service Providers to develop an aggregated search service by creating a source database for different user groups (school, citizenship and university education) based on Gestapo files as a use case. In cooperation with the State Center for Political Education Rhineland-Palatinate, the State Archives in Speyer and Neustadt Memorial SEAL will develop different front-pages for an extra-curricular learning place in a former Gestapo building for political education and for Police training (Bachelor’s degree) in Rhineland-Palatinate (à TA 4 M4).

Task Area 4: Data Literacy

M2 – Multidisciplinary Forum: Data Literacy and Historical Propaedeutic

SEAL develops a Digital Memory Atlas (Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Luxemburg, Wallonia and Lorraine) that offers didactic material for political education. SEAL will support the activities of M2 in the field of political advocacy with teacher training institutions, secondary schools and state ministries by cooperating with the State Educational Institute Rhineland-Palatinate and the Trier University of Applied Sciences (Intermedia Design) to train teachers on three levels: university teaching, vocational training, and life-long learning. An INTERREG application is in preparation.

File:Auschwitz I (22 May 2010).jpg
German concentration camp, Auschwitz I (the main camp), Poland (1940-1945). Visible old Austrian and later Polish Army barracks dated before 1939 (Source:
M3 – Expert Group: Historical Data Criticism and Research Data Management

SEAL will contribute to the objectives of measure 3 (implementing training courses in digital historical source criticism and data selection for all disciplines; evaluating training seminars, tutorials and courses) by organizing workshops and summer schools related to historical data criticism and research data management with a special focus on database management and digital public history.

M4 – Counselling Services: Digital Methods, Tools, Instruments, and Digital Research Techniques for Historical Research

SEAL will contribute to the development of training courses for the usage and implementation of digital tools, instruments, and digital research techniques in the field of source oriented database management and digital public history.