The interdisciplinary team of the Service Center eSciences (SeS) supports researchers in all questions concerning research data management and long-term archiving for their research projects. Researchers from Trier University and external receive advice and support from the planning phase to project implementation and data archiving. The SeS supports and develops user-specific IT infrastructures and, if required, builds project-specific software solutions together with the researchers.

The service center bundles expertise comparable with the qualification profiles of emerging professional fields (data curator, data librarian, data scientist, digital humanist, etc.) with a focus on the humanities. Competencies in this specific combination of expertise in the specialist sciences, software development, information sciences, data management and project management are, however, very rare to date. An important characteristic is the close cooperation with the scientists. SeS is the human interface between researchers and IT infrastructures.

The development of instruments and procedures for the implementation and maintenance of research data management services is a research focus of the center. With this expertise, it coordinates the measures to develop and implement the Trier University strategy for research data management.

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